Is your company looking for professional storage solutions? Do you need help with selecting the right hardware and software? In this section you will find the recommendations made by storage industry experts.

High availability storage cluster solution with Open-E software

Nowadays, computers have become the primary working tool for many people. As we use computer systems for processing large amount of data and operating various types of critical services, continuity of access to these resources is a priority. A downtime caused by hardware failure may generate a huge loss for our businesses, or in a worst case scenario, even cost someone's health or life. To ensure business continuity, we build computer systems using high availability components. When it comes to high availability storage, HA clusters are one of the implementations.

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iSCSI SAN storage solution with Open-E software

iSCSI storage enables efficient use of a disk space while ensuring data safety and increased performance. Moreover, centralized storage management utilizing iSCSI and RAID technology makes administration more comfortable and reduces downtime in case of a hard drive failure.

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NAS Filer

With the current growth of operational data in all business areas, an effective storage solution becomes necessity. All sorts of data, including: documents, spreadsheets, multimedia, backups, etc., demand more and more storage space. Keeping such data on local hard drives becomes inefficient, insecure and increasingly difficult to manage. NAS (Network-attached storage) filers can overcome these challenges.

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Storage for Backup

Computers have become an integral part of our lives as we use them to process a huge amount of very important data. They are not perfect though: hard disks can fail and file-systems can become corrupted. On the top of it, users can accidentally delete files. To effectively protect our data, we should think of implementing an efficient backup solution, based on reliable storage.

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Storage for CCTV

Video monitoring has become a common aspect of our lives. It is widely used by companies and administrations for video surveillance, traffic control and the monitoring of industrial processes. Video monitoring implementation solutions may vary. Some of them require complicated network solutions or dedicated devices; others use a public network and work with common hardware. Despite the fact that they differ in underlying technology and appliance, all of them have something in common - the need for reliable and fast high-capacity storage.

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