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Given the continued high level of interest in our webinars, we are pleased to announce another in the series:

January 18th 2010 16:00 CET
DSS V6 iSCSI Failover with XenServer using Multipath -(English)
Janusz Bak - CTO

In this one hour session you will learn more about:
* How to configure the DSS V6 iSCSI Failover for Multipath.
* How to configure Mutlipath with XenServer Failover.
* Failback tests running Windows 2008 VM

Because the number of participants is limited, please RSVP now by emailing to Please put “WEBINAR RSVP” in the subject line.

The Session is free of charge. To listen to the webinar please use the built-in VoIP in Netviewer – headphones or speaker are necessary!

Our webinars are always recorded. To ensure that the webinar will run smoothly all participants will be muted by the moderator.
Please kindly ask all questions during the session in a written form through the Netviewer chat window.

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We are looking forward to seeing online during this event.

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Webinar Team

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