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Dear Open-E Customer or Partner,

Volume Groups are at the core of a storage system. While it is easy to just use a single default Volume Group with Open-E DSS V6, by learning a little bit more about how to use Volume Groups you can take full control of you network storage.

Since last summer we have been running a webinar series on Open-E DSS V6. We have stepped through the detailed set-up of several popular features of the product. There has been great interest in these webinars. So much so, that we are adding another one to the series:

April 5, 2011 at 2PM Eastern US Time
“Switching your Default Volume Group to use another Volume Group/Unit”(English)
Moderator: Todd Maxwell - Director of Technical Sales

You will learn more about..
- Reasons to have more than one Volume Group
- Creating your Volume Groups
- Removing Volume Groups
- Creating Dynamic Units
- Switching your Default Volume Group to another Volume Group
- Trouble shooting issues with your Volume Groups

Because the number of participants is limited, please RSVP now by emailing to
Please put "WEBINAR RSVP" in the subject line.

This training is free of charge. To listen to the audio from the webinar please use the Netviewer VoIP feature once you log in. Headphones or a speaker will be needed!
Our conferences are always recorded for future use on our website. To ensure that the webinar runs smoothly all participants will be muted. Please ask all questions during the session by typing  in the Netviewer chat window. 

For further information, you can find our complete webinar schedule here: webinar plan.

We hope you enjoy this webinar.

Best regards
Chris Wilson
Account Manager
Open-E Inc.
T: +1 (770) 881-7680