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Dear Open-E Customer or Partner, 
We will be running another of our informative webinars, please join us for this interesting and useful presentation:

October 25, 2011  at 4pm (German time)
How to achieve good data redundancy in an easy automated and inexpensive way?
Moderator: Janusz Bak - Chief Technical Officer


  • How to configure snapshots for Data (Files) Replication
  • How to configure Data (Files) Replication in  LAN, WAN and within single system
  • Data (Files) Replication deployment with one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-one
  • Demo: Data (Files) Replication in LAN

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How it works:
The training is free of charge. To listen to the webinar please use VoIP (Netviewer) – headphones or speaker are necessary! Our conferences are always recorded and will be available on our website after the webinar.
To ensure that the webinar will run smoothly all participants will be muted through the moderator. Please kindly ask all questions during the session in a written form through the Netviewer chat window.

For further information, please visit the Webinar Schedule here: Webinar Plan.

We hope you enjoy this webinar.

Best regards
Webinar Team
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Open-E GmbH
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