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How to Improve the Business Continuity of Your Company?

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Solutions with Open-E JovianDSS


Have you ever heard that “Business continuity management is all about understanding the subject matter and applying common sense”? If Open-E JovianDSS plays the role of the “common sense” role in the quote, we agree with it!



The Role of the Data Storage Solution in Business Continuity


Nowadays, the work of almost every business is based on data of any kind, which needs to be properly stored and protected. That is why a good Business Continuity plan must include a data storage solution corresponding to the business’s needs. 


In today’s article, we decided to explain:

  • What Business Continuity means.

  • How Disaster Recovery differs from Business Continuity.

  • What the data loss consequences are.

  • Why the data storage solution is essential in a Business Continuity plan.


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