New Open-E Certification | Defend IT egino NVMe Metro Cluster

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New Open-E Certified Server

Defend IT egino NVMe Metro Cluster


Enterprises seeking robust power and performance to seamlessly manage vast data volumes will surely find their match in Defend IT's egino NVMe Metro Cluster. Tailored to handle extensive data storage, processing, and secure sharing among users, Defend IT's solution emerges as the pinnacle choice for time-critical applications, ready to deal with financial services and data center operations benefit immensely, where every moment counts.


Defend IT's egino NVMe Metro Cluster


As Open-E CTO describes:

“One of the fastest tested systems in the Lab of Open-E so far”


Check out the Defend IT egino NVMe Metro Cluster, equipped with core optimizer, engine boost, and workload presets, ready to match a wide plethora of challenges, being perfect for:

  • Media & Entertainment
  • Data Centers
  • Virtualization
  • Private Cloud
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Click below to read the certification brochure available on our website:


Learn more about the new component


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