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SATA vs SAS - What's Better to Use in Business?


SATA or SAS storage interfaces - the choice is not as obvious as it might seem. But we've got something to help you make the best choice for your infrastructure. See how both protocols serve your business and data management, and what you should consider when choosing between them - just read the latest article on the Open-E Blog.




The Basis for Business Operations

Storing and Exchanging Data


So what's better for your business - SATA or SAS? Refer to the latest article on the Open-E Blog. Find info on the topics below:

  • Storing and exchanging data as the basis for business operations
  • SATA Utility in Your Business
  • SAS Utility in Your Business
  • Take Time to Set Priorities

So basically SATA and SAS are like veins connecting the organs, they fuel the drives with data and give them the power to work. That's why it's worth knowing which one to use.


Read the article and choose!


Read the article


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