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September 30, 2015:

End-of-life for Open-E DSS V6


Today we are officially announcing the end-of-life date for Open-E DSS V6: September 30, 2015. One day later, on October 1, the new update up50 will be released for Open-E DSS V7, including main functionalities from Open-E DSS V6 and more. All details in this newsletter. 

New update coming soon:

Open-E DSS V7 up50


As Open-E DSS V6 will be discontinued, our engineers implemented its main features - especially the NAS (NFS) Failover -  into a new update for Open-E DSS V7.


This will be included in Open-E DSS V7 up50:

  • Active-passive Failover for NFS / iSCSI clusters (no extra costs)
  • Active-active Failover for NFS / iSCSI clusters (Feature Packs)
  • Local backup tool for incremental backups 
  • Advanced cluster management for NFS
  • Improved hardware support and kernel 

This update will be available free-of-charge for all Open-E DSS V7 users from October 1, 2015. If you want to learn more about the new and improved features, go to the Open-E Website >>  


Upgrade to Open-E DSS V7

Last chance to upgrade to Open-E DSS V7!

Promotion valid until September 30, 2015


We are offering special discounts for upgrades from Open-E DSS V6 to V7 as well as technical support until September 30, 2015:

  • 25% discount on Upgrades from Open-E DSS V6 to V7
  • FREE Support Renewals with every upgrade license having valid support
  • 50% discount on Support Reinstatements for expired support licenses

To order or for more information, please contact an Open-E Partner in your area.


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