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New Open-E Webinar Recording

Navigating the Open-E DSS V7 End-of-Life


The Open-E DSS V7 End-of-Life Webinar Recording is finally available on our YouTube Channel! Check it out to prepare yourself for this important milestone in our products’ history and learn more about how to seamlessly migrate from your old data storage system to a brand new one, based on our most recent software - Open-E JovianDSS!


Open-E Certified Engineer Training im November


Are You Really Prepared

For Open-E DSS V7 End-of-Life?


Now you can easily check it out! The following list contains all the topics that were covered during the webinar. These are also the most important aspects you must take into consideration when planning your next steps in using Open-E products. Watch the webinar recording and get a better understanding of:

  • The Open-E DSS V7 End-of-Life Timeline
  • Open-E DSS V7 vs Open-E JovianDSS Systems Comparison
  • Open-E JovianDSS Hardware Requirements
  • Migration in Practise - Optima Packaging Case Study
  • All you need to know about the migration process
  • Q&A Session

Also, remember that we are here to support you! So if you have any questions considering
Open-E DSS V7 End-of-Life that were not covered in the webinar, feel free to contact your region’s salesman. We will do our best to keep your data storage in top form!


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