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Promotion reminder

50% off Active-Active NFS Failover


Today we would like to remind you once again of the 50% discount on the new Active-Active NFS Failover Feature Pack . Experience all the advanced features of the updated Open-E DSS V7 - details in this newsletter.

Increased storage performance

with Open-E DSS V7 cluster setups


Active-Active Automatic Failover in Open-E DSS V7 is a data storage functionality used for High Availability, Cloud Storage, storage for virtualization and Business Continuity, which includes advantages  such as:

  • Doubled overall performance
  • Elimination of Single Points of Failure
  • Self-validation of the system through initial checks 
  • Cluster security improved by using unlimited auxiliary paths
  • Increased sensibility for network failures through Ping Nodes
  • Faster network connectivity
  • Fully utilized processing power on both cluster nodes

Find further information on the Active-Active Failover feature in Open-E DSS V7 on the  Open-E website  


Special offer NFS failover

50% discount on Feature Pack Active-Active NFS Failover

Valid until the end of the year


Keep in mind that this promotion is valid only until December 31, 2015. You will pay half the regular price for the Feature Pack enabling you to use Open-E DSS V7 in an active-active cluster setup with NFS.


To purchase or to gain more information, please contact an Open-E Partner in your area.


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