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New Open-E JovianDSS Certified Server:

BigFoot Storage XXL


A new server has been certified for Open-E JovianDSS! This time it's the BigFoot Storage XXL by Open-E Gold Partner Rausch Netzwerktechnik . Read more about the high-quality storage solution in today's newsletter. 


BigFoot Storage XXL High-performing Software Defined Storage

For more power and bigger density


The BigFoot Storage XXL is aimed at data centers and data-rich large enterprises. It offers highest efficiency, lowers TCO and allows users to rapidly deploy large quantities of storage capacity. Apart from more bandwidth and IOPS through 6 SSDs and 48 spinning disks, the custom-made server is built in one of the shortest chassis worldwide which is only 725mm in depth.


  • Guaranteed data protection
  • Data compression
  • In-line data deduplication
  • Enhanced storage performance
  • Flexible scalability
  • Simplified management
  • Data integrity check
  • Unlimited number of snapshots
    and clones
  • Tiered RAM and SSD Cache

IOPS & Throughput graph


More details in the  Certification Report >>

Company information

Rausch Netzwerktechnik


Since 1998, Rausch Netzwerktechnik has been working as a distributor of individual and standard server and storage systems for data centers, and can relay on more than 250,000 systems in data centers across the globe. With a wide range of high-quality products for server, storage and cloud computing, Rausch offers the perfect solutions for your business. Beginning with the development and manufacturing followed by delivery, installation and maintenance – Rausch Netzwerktechnik is at your service.

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