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HA Certified with Open-E JovianDSS

2U Intel Dual-CPU RI2212 Server by Thomas-Krenn


Check out the latest High Availability Ready storage system certified for the ZFS-based Open-E JovianDSS: the 2U Intel Dual-CPU RI2212 by our trusted Platinum Partner Thomas-Krenn.AG from Germany. Read on for more details!

Thomas-Krenn 2U Intel Dual-CPU RI2212 Powerful high-density 2U rack server

for High Availability, flexibility and performance


The 2U Intel Dual-CPU RI2212 server by Thomas-Krenn is one of the most powerful products in the company's proftfolio. It is suitable for a variety of storage environments and applications, e.g. storage for virtualization, NAS storage, backup or archive storage. Benefits of the solution are:


  • Guaranteed data protection
  • Enhanced storage performance
  • Flexible scalability
  • Simplified management
  • High Availability
  • Tiered RAM and SSD Cache
  • Unlimited number of snapshots and clones
  • Data compression and in-line deduplication

IOPS & Throughput


Find out more about the system in the  Certification Report >>

Company information



Thomas-Krenn.AG is a leading provider of individual server and storage systems and data center solutions. The company serves more than 15,000 customers across Europe. These include large corporations, public services and government authorities, IT service providers and educational institutions as well as many small and medium-sized enterprises. Thomas-Krenn.AG allows customers to quickly configure custom-designed servers with proven components via its online shop. Most items can be delivered the very next day. The company assembles all of its servers in Freyung, Germany and has steadily grown to now over 150 employees since its founding in 2002.

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