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Open-E Education Program:

Discounts for universities, colleges and schools


We believe that knowledge is power, therefore Open-E offers special discounts on Open-E DSS V7 for educational institutions. If you have customers who want to save money and implement affordable storage software in their university, collage or school, then the Open-E Education Program is a perfect solution.

Do you have customers from the education sector?

Offer them 1/2 of the storage for free!


Receiving Open-E's education discount is simple:

  • Register your customer on the Open-E website.
  • Buy Open-E DSS V7 with half of the required storage space.
  • Get a free storage extension key from Open-E with the other half of your client's required storage space.

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If you would like to find out more about the offer, please visit the  Open-E Education Program  section on our website.


Do you need more info?

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Do you need help with the education program? Contact Open-E's Sales Team today to receive the information you need:

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