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Plan your backup strategy

Open-E JovianDSS Retention Plans


Data are an important - if not one of the most important - foundations of a company. With the Retention Plan options in Open-E JovianDSS you can now configure the automatic activation and deletion of Snapshots as you see fit.

Consistent Snapshots

for your backup strategy


A Retention Plan is a set of rules defined by an interval and a retention period. The interval defines how often a snapshot is taken, the retention period determines how long each snapshot is being kept. 


Standard time units like seconds, minutes, hours etc. are used, and with those you can adapt your very own Retention Plan according to your needs: with short-, medium- and long-term rules.


Benefits of a well-defined Retention Plan:

  • Mistakes can be easily undone
  • Data is safe from corruption
  • Viruses don't stand a chance
  • Restore to any state from  last hour, day
    or month

See a great animated infographic for Retention Plans on the Open-E Website, and contact our Sales Team if you need more information.


Retention Plans


An additional source on this topic is the Open-E Blog. Read the recent article " What are Retention-Interval Plans?" here >>

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