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Open-E JovianDSS Video Tutorials


Open-E already offers a series of Video Tutorials about Open-E DSS V7 and DSS V7 SOHO. Those popular videos are now also available for  Open-E JovianDSS

Quick and easy

Configure your Open-E JovianDSS


The Video Tutorials for Open-E JovianDSS will guide you through various functionalities step by step, whether you are  installing the software for the first time or during a re-configuration.


Watch Video Tutorials


Apart from the tutorials for Open-E DSS V7 and DSS V7 SOHO, there are now two groups of Open-E JovianDSS Tutorials: the basic features and everything that is related to setting up Failover. Some examples of video topics:


  • Creating a zpool
  • Setting up an iSCSI target access
  • Adding disks to existing zpools
  • Activation and update of the system
  • Setting up Failover service
  • and more!

All Video Tutorials are available on the Open-E website as well as on our  YouTube Channel


Creating a zpool

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