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Update of

Open-E JovianDSS Storage License Calculator 


As you may already know, you can easily size your capacity license for your individual storage setup with Open-E JovianDSS online. The updated version of our Storage License Calculator now displays additional information and is even more user-friendly. Use it for yourself and your customers now!


Calculate license

Simple and comprehensive license calculations

for your Open-E JovianDSS storage setup


The updated Open-E JovianDSS License Calculator works in two steps:

  • Step 1: Select your system configuration - either a Single Node setup, a HA Cluster with Common Storage, a HA Cluster with Dual Storage or a HA Cluster over Ethernet.
  • Step 2: Calculate your storage - either by demanded usable storage capacity or by amount of data groups and disks in data group. 

License Calculator

After completing these steps, you will get information on the gross and net unformatted storage capacity, usable data storage capacity, number of required disks, required total license capacity, recommended licenses and more. You will also see a Zpool data groups simulation and the Pool Capacity Efficiency. 

Storage License Calculator

Open-E DSS V7


You can also calculate your license for Open-E DSS V7 / DSS V7 SOHO. This calculator will show you the available space in a specific RAID configuration, based on the number of drives and their size. Simply select the product  for which the RAID array will be used, the RAID type, minimum HDD capacity, number of HDDs and RAID level. Go to calculator >>

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