New Open-E Certification: Zstor GS41102 Open PetaByte+ System

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New Open-E Certified Server

Zstor GS41102 Open PetaByte+ System


Check out the new certified server, straight from the Open-E certification lab! Zstor GS41102 Open PetaByte+ System is a perfect choice for every business that deals with immense amounts of data. Read the certification brochure, explore all of the system’s benefits, and use its versatility to match your specific needs!


Zstor GS41102 Open PetaByte+ System


High Density and High Capacity

From Open-E Gold Partner!


The system we feature today is a great choice for all businesses that need to keep up with storing and protecting massive amounts of data that are utilized by:

  • Data Centers
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Internet of Things
  • Edge Computing


Learn more about the new component


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