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New Case Study

Scalable Solution for the Geo-Engineering Center


How can a data storage solution meet all the requirements of a company responsible for providing geospatial data and ensuring safety for plane traffic? Only with delivering high reliability and ensuring high capacity in order to face the increase of complex data stored!


Case Study with MMiT and N-TEC


Challenges Faced


In the latest case study, prepared with the help of Open-E’s partner, Western Digital, we have described an implementation of standard x86 servers with 1PB capacity powered by Open-E JovianDSS for the Aviation Accounting Center. The main challenges included:


  • High capacity for complex workloads

  • High Availability for servers

  • Increased performance for fast data analysis 

  • No single point of failure


Interested? Check out the case study by pressing the button below!


Read the Case Study


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