Check Out New Open-E Certified Hardware: Toshiba 22TB HDD

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New Open-E Certified Component

Toshiba MG10SFA22TE Hard Disk Drive


Check out our latest certification report and learn how the Toshiba MG10SFA22TE Hard Disk Drive performs alongside the Open-E JovianDSS software platform. Featuring a generous 22 TB capacity using conventional magnetic recording (CMR), the MG10SFA22TE is optimized for high performance with a 550 TB annual workload and spins at 7200 rpm. Designed in a standard 3.5-inch form factor with a helium-sealed enclosure, this 10-disk drive seamlessly integrates into existing drive bays, reducing large-scale storage infrastructures' footprint and operational challenges.


New Hardware Certified Component - Toshiba MG10SFA22TE HDD


Enormous 22 TB Capacity

Ready To Be Used in Numerous Scenarios


Based on its substantial data storage capacity and proven reliability, the Toshiba MG10SFA22TE SAS HDD stands out as an excellent option for a wide range of applications. Given the test results and the drive’s specifications, Open-E suggests deploying this certified model in:

  • Massive Enterprise-Scale Storage Infrastructures
  • File and Block Data Storage Solutions
  • Backup Solutions
  • CCTV Recording

Following successfully completing all certification tests, the Toshiba MG10SFA22TE has been included in the Open-E Hardware Certification List and granted the "Certified by Open-E" designation. Read the certification report now!


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