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Early update release

Open-E DSS V7 up50


The new update up50 is already here! Get the latest release of Open-E DSS V7 earlier, and enjoy the benefits of the NAS (NFS) Failover feature. The update is non-disruptive and Open-E DSS V7 users can download it directly from the Open-E website.


Suitable for all SMB and SME storage configurations

What's included in up50?


You don't have to choose between NFS or iSCSI anymore. Now, you can setup both cluster configurations in Open-E DSS V7.

  • Active-active Failover for NFS / iSCSI clusters (Feature Packs)
  • Active-passive Failover for NFS / iSCSI clusters (no extra costs)
  • Local backup tool for incremental backups 
  • Advanced cluster management
  • Improved hardware support and kernel 
Download update


For detailed information please read the release notes. 

Last chance to upgrade to Open-E DSS V7!

Promotion valid until September 30, 2015


If you are still using Open-E DSS V6, now is a good time to upgrade. We are offering special discounts on upgrades as well as technical support - but only until September 30, 2015:

  • 25% discount on Upgrades from Open-E DSS V6 to V7
  • FREE Support Renewals with every upgrade license
    having valid support
  • 50% discount on Support Reinstatements for expired
    support licenses

To order, please contact an Open-E Partner in your area.


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Upgrade to Open-E DSS V7

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