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New update available

Open-E DSS V7 up56


We have just released a new update for Open-E DSS V7: the up56 inlcuding the High Availability Cluster Maintenance Mode. Read on for details!

Simplified server management and maintenance

Download Open-E DSS V7 up56 today


In this update, our developers added functionalities that make storage management and maintenance even more convenient in Open-E DSS V7. 

  • HA Cluster Maintenance Mode
    for cluster reconfiguration and hardware replacement without downtime
  • New options for Data (File) Replication
    • Block-based mode and compression for superior replication efficiency over WAN   
    • Optional encrypted transfer for highest data security
    • Monitoring with Check_MK to oversee task execution

Download update

  New update for Open-E DSS V7

Watch the video

Open-E DSS V7 HA Cluster Maintenance Mode


Last week our CTO, Janusz Bak, held a webinar in which he demonstrated the new High Availability Cluster Mainenance Mode in Open-E DSS V7. You will also learn how to reconfigure the cluster and replace a cluster node without downtime. Watch the video now >>

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