New update available: Open-E DSS V7 up60

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New update available

Open-E DSS V7 up60


The new update 60 for Open-E DSS V7 has just been released. Go to Open-E's webpage to download it and read on for details!


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Flexibility and simplified maintenance

Download Open-E DSS V7 up60 today


In this update, our developers added functionalities that make storage management and maintenance of Open-E DSS V7 even more convenient: 

  • Support for SMB3 protocol to stay compliant with the latest storage standards
  • Improved support for Finder (Mac OS) which enables a quick search and listing of SMB shares files via vfs_fruit
  • Mechanism for system motherboard sensors (lmsensors) management  to switch the selected component monitoring and notifications on or off
  • Tuning via Sysctl tool in low-level tools to change operating system parameters
  • Auto-detection of system partition overfilling of one of the cluster nodes to improve failover and service continuity
  New update for Open-E DSS V7

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