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New Open-E JovianDSS update

Off-site Data Protection with Consistent Snapshots


The new update "up15" for Open-E JovianDSS can be downloaded from the Open-E website. Now, the Off-site Data Protection functionality of the software enables you to create Consistent Snapshots, and to replicate snapshot deltas asynchronously to local or remote destinations.  The software now also includes VMware vSphere Storage APIs – Array Integration (VAAI) for data acceleration.


Download update

New strategy for Backup, Archiving and Disaster Recovery

Open-E JovianDSS Off-site Data Protection


Open-E JovianDSS  includes the Off-site Data Protection feature that offers a strategy for Backup, Archiving and Disaster Recovery without the need to install an additional backup agent. It enables the setup of an application-consistent backup (incl. databases, operating systems, virtual machines etc.) with a retention interval as a Disaster Recovery plan for virtual environments based on VMware. 


Off-site Data Protection


Servers with crucial data can be easily and instantly restored in case of an unexpected disaster. Data loss is effectively prevented and recovery time minimized.


Benefits of the Off-site Data Protection:

  • Consistent backup solution
  • Preventing loss of data, time and money
  • Fully integrated and high-speed data recovery 
  • No backup agents required
  • Highly customizable to individual requirements

The functionality is managed via the Command Line Interface (CLI) in Open-E JovianDSS.

Find more technical details in the release notes for Open-E JovianDSS up15  or  contact us directly.

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