Get the new update: Open-E JovianDSS up16 supports SMB/CIFS HA Clusters

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Open-E JovianDSS up16 supports SMB/CIFS HA Clusters


The new update 16 for the ZFS-based Open-E JovianDSS software is now available on our website.


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Use Open-E JovianDSS with SMB/CIFS ver. 3.02

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With the SMB/CIFS  protocol included in Open-E JovianDSS and practically unlimited auto-snapshots, users have direct access to previous file versions, and can restore them without the help of an administrator.  Shared folders in Open-E JovianDSS support Access Control Lists (ACL) which is fully compatible with Windows. Additionally, thanks to the built-in High Availability Cluster Management, SMB shared folders are accessible after a failover.


Apart from Server Message Block ver. 3.02, also known by its acronym SMB, this update includes support for Microsemi HBA 6 Series and 7 Series and an Event Monitor for Microsemi HBA 1000 Series.


Find more details on this update in the  Release Notes

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