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Open-E Webinar on May 4

Maintenance Mode with Open-E DSS V7


The next webinar is available for registration! This time, learn all about the Maintenance Mode in iSCSI and NFS Failover with Open-E DSS V7.

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Maintenance Mode with Open-E DSS V7 in Failover with iSCSI and NFS 


Date and time: May 4, 2016 at 11:30 a.m. EST (Eastern US Time)
  • Enable Maintenance Mode on Open-E DSS V7
  • Move resources to Local Node
  • Stop Failover and keep Virtual IP running
  • Shutdown other Node and introduce new Node
  • Configure new Node with Logical Volumes, Replication, Share and Targets
  • Configure Failover AUX IPs, Ping Nodes, VIPs and resources
  • Start Failover service
Moderator: Todd Maxwell, Director of Technical Sales and Support


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If you are not registered yet, please click here . You will receive a link to access the session on the day of the webinar.


This webinar is free of charge. To listen to the presentation, please use headphones or speaker. Please ask all questions during the session through the chat as all participants will be muted. The webinar is recorded and will be available on our Website, YouTube and Vimeo later. 

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