Cloud Storage

Cloud storage becomes an essential solution not only for businesses, but also for individual users. Undoubtedly, the popularity of mobile devices and a rising need of sharing and syncing files between them plays a big part in this. Although businesses acknowledged how beneficial it can be to cooperate in the cloud, and that working remotely has never been easier, very few know how cloud storage actually works and what lies behind this technology. With our solution articles you can get to know the cloud and explore all its benefits and requirements. You will learn why Open-E software providing security, high availability, superior performance, scalability and hardware compatibility is the best choice for building your cloud solutions.

How to Serve Thousands of Users Simultaneously?

The sudden increase in the popularity of cloud hosting creates the need to provide inexpensive, yet efficient high random IO performance. What is the solution to poor random IO problems?

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Open-E DSS V7 as a Software for Cloud Storage

Open-E Data Storage Software V7 is being increasingly used as the go-to software for cloud storage. This is one of the many purposes our software can be used for. Cloud storage is now very popular as an alternative to having an additional backup service. What are the benefits of using cloud storage?

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Solution for Cloud Hosting Companies

The reason a customer, searching for suitable cloud service, choose one hosting company over another mostly depends on the specific functionality and level of security they offer for a specific (read: low) price. However, finding a proven performance solution for cloud that meets all client’s expectations is not an easy task.

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