Feburary 22th 2011 at 2PM Eastern US Time Setting up your new Open-E DSS V6 system in 10min. (English)

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Dear Sir, Madam,

Starting out with any new software can be intimidating. Open-E DSS V6 is designed to be very easy to install and configure. This means you can have your storage server up and running quickly. As part of our ongoing webinars, we are pleased to announce another in this series to explain how start off using Open-E DSS V6:

Feburary 22th 2011 at 2PM Eastern US Time
“Setting up your new Open-E DSS V6 system in 10min.”(English)
Moderator: Todd Maxwell - Director of Technical Sales

In this one hour session we will cover:
- Choosing teh best install method for Open-E DSS V6
- Accessing the Open-E DSS V6 GUI
- Configure the main setup features
- Creating your RAID Array for the Open-E DSS V6 Volumes
Create your Fibre Channel, iSCSI and NAS Logical Volumes
-    Create your Fibre Channel and iSCSI Targets and NAS Shares for use

Because the number of participants is limited, please RSVP now by emailing to webinar-usa@open-e.com.
Please put “WEBINAR RSVP” in the subject line.

How it works

To listen to the webinar please use VoIP (Netviewer) – headphones or speaker are necessary!
Our conferences are always recorded.
To ensure that the webinar will pass off smoothly all participants will be muted through the moderator. Please kindly ask all questions during the session in a written form through the Netviewer chat window.
This session is free of charge.
For further information, you can find our complete webinar schedule here: webinar plan.

We hope you enjoy this webinar.

Best regards
Tom Simon
Senior Account Manager
Open-E Inc.
T: 408-634-0747