with Open-E JovianDSS

    ALL-IN-ONE: Storage, Backup, Disaster Recovery
    and Archiving for crucial business data

    • Prevents data loss with secure and consistent backup
    • Ensures fast data recovery and does not require backup agents
    • Highly customizable to individual Disaster Recovery plans

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    • Combines storage, networking, computing and virtualization technologies in only one physical unit
    • Delivers performance, high availability and reliability for Enterprise setups
    • Provides flexibility and agility in virtualized environments with VMware
    • Offers cost-effectiveness and scalability

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  • New

    with OPEN-E JovianDSS


    • Cost-effective architecture with standard networking connection
    • Load balancing for SMB, NFS and iSCSI through active pools on
      both nodes
    • Optional setup as metro storage cluster / stretched metro storage
      cluster - up to 50 miles (80km)

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Certified storage servers

Open-E has certified more than
100 systems to date.

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Open-E JovianDSS update 19
New Advanced Metro HA Cluster Feature Pack
(SAS, FC, Ethernet)

Constant access to all mission-critical data and applications

Efficient use of all hardware resources

Continuous availability and data protection

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Open-E DSS V7 2TB Lite is now

FREE data storage solution
with essential features
from DSS V7 Lite

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Storage License Calculator
for Open-E JovianDSS

Calculate the exact required
license for your storage setup,
based on usable capacity or
amount of data groups.

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  • When I first tested Open-E’s software products at the beginning of being an Authorized Partner, I was surprised how easy the installation process, configuration and actual storage management is. In our own and our customer installations with Open-E we are rarely facing any issues regarding data security. Customers need solutions like this: ready to use, easy to manage and reliable. This is why we’re recommending Open-E over other storage management software.

    Kim Saroeun

    Procurement Manager

    Cogetel Limited

  • In our Cisco Lab we were looking for a complete Enterprise class NAS/SAN solution that would work across our Mobile Internet Technology test beds used for product testing, solution testing, PoC’s and IOT’s for MITG solutions. The solution needed to be reliable, feature rich and flexible. We looked at FreeNAS and other commercial products such NetAPP and EMC. In the end Open-E DSS V7 had the features and flexibility we needed to complete our projects. The flexibility of the Open-E DSS V7 on our Cisco UCS HW was key to being able to move quickly between ever changing storage needs.
    It has been straight forward to setup, maintain and tuning was effortless. We can quickly setup many and modify the Open-E DSS V7 volumes from 200GB to 5TB for usage with our file protocols with CIF’s, NFS and Fibre Channel volumes as well. The design of the GUI is very easy to navigate which reduces the learning curve allowing us to be more productive. Open-E DSS V7 has been proven to be reliable and robust for our storage and database needs. Support was another factor in our requirements and that has been proven to be excellent before install, during install and with the ongoing usage of Open-E DSS V7.

    Mark Weiss

    Technical Marketing Engineer

    Cisco Systems, INC

  • We chose Open-E because it was the only fully-redundant, high-availability storage solution we found that was vendor-agnostic, with the lowest ratio CapEx / per TB of total available storage vs. any Dell / HP / EMC / VMware vSAN solution, and we needed scalability without vendor lock-in. Plus, their support plans are reasonably priced; it’s a pleasant experience working with a relatively smaller company’s (onshore) tech support vs. the big box companies whose support experiences are inconsistent at best.
    Whether you’re an owner that’s looking for the value-driven storage solution, or an engineer with the guts to ‘roll-your-own’, Open-E will satisfy both.

    Jason Volmut



  • The reason for sticking with Open-E software as a basis for our platforms was the fact that it requires little maintenance, and that it runs on pretty much every hardware we have tested.

    John Timmer



  • With this solution our performance and feature set will outperform off the shelf products of most vendors. We cannot compete against 10GBe NICs, but we don’t need to. For a fraction of the cost, we deliver high 9s of availability, a breakthrough performance, a robust feature set and no single points of failure at nearly 25% of the price for a similar product. What more can we ask for?

    Chris Alvarez


    Bulldog Data Services

  • Virtualization turned out to be a perfect solution for our needs. Thanks to Open-E DSS V6, a network switch and a common server, we were able to solve our storage problem. Now, we have access to storage via iSCSI and NFS. All this for a fraction of the cost – doesn’t get better than this!

    António Aragão

    Informatics Department System Administrator

    Universidade do Minho

  • Our website is a big classified ads portal, with a few million visitors a month. Because of the millions of pictures and big database, the storage was always a problem. Even though we tried expensive storages and tweaked our own software it was never fast enough. Installing our VPS platforms on Open-E software with SSD’s was possibly the biggest change we have ever made and a huge step towards fast and stable platforms. Even with the huge number of visitors on the site, it is still possible to perform multiple file operations.
    Finally, because of the Open-E software with SSD, the CPU load of the 3 VPS-platforms dropped from 50% to 10%! For us it all makes sense now a superfast storage is the key.

    Arno Laan



  • We are very satisfied with this solution because of the great performance and stability, as well as the limited costs. Another surprising fact was that this setup is also very resilient when changes are necessary. We can install new software versions and add disks to the storage cluster without downtime for the end-user.

    Ad van den Broek


    VDB Automatisering

  • Apart from its flexibility, it was the stability of the Open-E systems that convinced me. We benefit from the hardware redundancy in lieu of not having any technical contact onsite in remote locations. The system keeps running even if hardware components fail, and can easily be rebooted even after power outages. By using commodity servers, we do not face any problems regarding hardware supplies and do not need to use any specific SAN disk drives.

    Manuel Kuss

    System Administrator


  • The active-active iSCSI replication in Open-E DSS V7 provides load-balancing of storage, redundancy against hardware failure, and the ability to install hardware and OS updates without VM downtime which were the strongest arguments for our decision. Additionally, our Exchange performance issues have completely disappeared. Migrating from ESX to Hyper-V means that both failover clustering and live migration are supported without a large investment in licenses, providing load balancing, redundancy against hardware failure,
    and the ability to install hardware and OS updates without VM downtime. With MPIO on Open-E DSS V7 and NIC bonding with MPIO on Hyper-V, even the failure of a NIC causes no downtime. An actual hardware failure demonstrated that the project goal of resilience had been achieved.

    Mark Jones

    Network Administrator


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