people working in different industries using Open-E JovianDSS as their data storage software for software defined storage
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    Benefits of Using Open-E JovianDSS in Various Market Segments

    The world of technology develops so fast these days that it can become challenging to keep up with the updates. In multiple spheres surrounding us, there are various data storage requirements appear.

    By claiming Open-E JovianDSS to be beneficial from any angle of the data storage market, including each market segment possible, we mean the real examples and the real cases of implementations. With more than 20 years of experience and over 38,000 implementations all over the world, we can easily highlight the main requirements for data storage solutions in businesses in different branches.

    Our Open-E Team has already described the specific needs for data storage solutions in the primary market segments, such as Retail, Manufacturing, Finance, Government and Public, Hospitals and Healthcare, Education, Media and Entertainment, and, a more general one, Data Centers. To learn more details regarding each segment, choose an article from the ones listed below:


    woman working in supermarket and smiling Open-E JovianDSS solutions for retail

    Retail companies deal with data from various sources, such as orders, customer feedback, inventory, sales, and shipping. Do you want to know how the retail sector company can improve its data storage with a ZFS-based solution? From this article, you will learn how to optimize workflow at every stage – from checking product availability in the warehouse to managing selling and shipping processes. Discover all the benefits that Open-E JovianDSS offers – clients’ satisfaction with appropriate data storage and delivery, secured corporate data with the best features available, and more!



    two women working in manufacturing Open-E JovianDSS possibilities in manufacturing sector

    Data storage is a challenge for the manufacturing sector which generates large amounts of data. This article will show you how to choose a data storage solution that suits your plant’s needs and budget and store data efficiently and securely. You will learn about the benefits of building your own data storage infrastructure, best practices for scaling up your data storage capacity and what are the ways to safeguard your data from production risks. This blog post will help you optimize your data storage strategy and ensure Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity in case of any problem.



    Open-RE JovianDSS for finance cector female IT administrator and male broker

    Data storage is a vital and complex aspect of the financial sector that requires careful planning and management. This area encompasses a wide range of services, such as banking, investment management, insurance, and many others, that deal with large volumes of sensitive data. IT administrators in this sector have to be well-prepared and flexible to meet the high demands and expectations of customers and regulators. This article will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the data storage challenges that the financial sector faces and how to overcome them.


    Media and Entertainment

    What are the main challenges of the media and entertainment sectors? How has the market changed over the last couple of years, and how have the biggest companies managed to go through a data storage crises? How can you make your company secured against malware attack consequences? Which solutions should you look for in storing, delivering, and archiving content, boosting high performance and backup reliability in terms of the media and entertainment markets? Learn more by reading this article.


    Hospitals & Healthcare

    Managing a hospital or similar facility requires excellent management skills, medical knowledge, and awareness of adjusting to the newest trends related to data administration. That’s a huge task, so the system able to process a massive amount of data while keeping it safe and readily available at any time (like patients’ records) is essential. Read the article to find out what you should keep in mind to provide the best medical service offering compliance, stability, and reliability in data management and IT infrastructure while meeting all these market requirements.



    Students learning

    In 2019 the educational sector had to change the workflow and prepare to teach students remotely during the Covid-19 pandemic. Already digitized data like students’ and teachers’ records and the tutoring process had to be adjusted to new circumstances. These tasks could be less troublesome if one software could manage the data collection and backups while offering safety, great performance, and flexibility to work in multiple environments. What should an IT administrator know beyond providing the best services? This article provides some answers.


    Government & Public

    Government and public sectors require the highest security data safety and reliable backup system used in these sectors needs to be able to process enormous amounts of data and handle mission-critical processes at any given time. How to combine this with cyber and natural threats protection or convenient usage while offering low utility prices simultaneously? What else should an IT administrator in such a sector know? This article is full of useful information that you don’t want to miss!


    Data Centers

    What are the data center’s biggest threats and potential losses? How to provide high availability, disaster recovery, and data security and combine it with cost-effectiveness not to be affected by a disaster similar to the one that happened to OVH? If you’re an IT administrator most probably you are looking for answers to those questions. This article shares some tips and solutions each IT administrator looks for.


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