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As software developers, we are fully acquainted with the technologies that stand behind our solution. But we also understand that the topic may seem complicated at first sight due to the complexity of data storage in technologies that constantly change and improve.

Luckily, we've got a solution to this problem as well! We have prepared a set of courses for those who want to learn about data storage topics.

If you are an Open-E Partner, join our Open-E Certified Engineer course that is an live on-line event, or Open-E Certified Sales Professional, an on-line self-paced training at our e?learning platform. If you are not a registered partner, no worries, you can still take part in our on-line self-paced ZFS Data Storage for Beginners Course

Courses for Open‑E Partners

Open-E Certified Engineer Course OECE badge

Open-E Certified Engineer

At Open-E, we are committed to supporting your teams and helping them grow by sharing our knowledge and experience through Open-E Certified Engineer Trainings. We develop the technical capital of your teams through explicit training aimed at building professional groups of specialists who offer not only best-in-class technical support but who can also boost excellence in the IT industry in general.

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Open-E Certified Sales Professional Course OECSP badge

Open-E Certified Sales Professional

Selling is one of the most impactful professions, that is why knowing your product and learning how to sell it is an extremely useful skill. Knowing how to sell is obviously the most important for the sales team, but the factor that makes the Open-E training unique and useful for others is that it's not product-oriented. The OECSP training gives a wide overview of the data storage market, business, together with technical tips and best practices. Therefore, the training may as well serve your marketing team, IT specialists or even management team members.

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Other Open‑E Courses

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ZFS Data Storage for Beginners - the Free of Charge Online Course

This course will guide you through the basics of data storage, including the ZFS-based data storage essentials and the data storage system’s characteristics regarding capacity, data redundancy, integrity, and security. In addition, you will learn how to plan a required number of data drives (based on an outlined data storage capacity), data redundancy, and safety level.

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