Open-E Fibre Channel Data Storage Solutions

Create a reliable, high-performing, and low-latency FC data storage solution with Open-E software that simplifies configuration processes and maintenance tasks.

Main Open-E JovianDSS Features for Fibre Channel Data Storage Solutions

Fibre Channel (FC) Storage uses high-speed network technology for data storage.  This technology uses a connection that has become common for SAN (Storage Area Network) enterprise storage. It is especially suited for creating SAN topologies for virtualization, data centre, or other demanding platforms.

Thanks to the reliability of the dedicated networking connection, the FC protocol has become a good choice for companies looking for an enterprise-grade data storage solution. The technology offers point-to-point, switched, and loop interfaces. It is designed to interoperate with iSCSI.

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Key Uses for the Fibre Channel (FC) Protocol

  • High-performance SAN storage systems
  • Data centralization
  • Simplified storage management
  • Reduction of downtime and easy maintenance

Benefits of Open‑E
Fibre Channel Data Storage Solutions

Enterprise-Grade Performance

The Fibre Channel protocol was designed to be used in SANs right from the beginning. The dedicated bandwidth, which can run at 8 or 16 gigabits per second, helps to avoid bottlenecks and allows for a bigger saturation of available network performance. It is the traditional choice for SANs but receives more competition from iSCSI.

Data Storage Reliability

Fibre Channel provides lossless delivery of raw block data and ordered data packets and improves the reliability and efficiency of both. Its extended reliability makes it a good choice for any implementations that handle mission-critical data.

Hardware Independence

With Open-E’s software, you are able to choose storage components according to your requirements without being forced to use hardware from a certain vendor. With unlimited storage capacity, you can easily expand your storage space as your data grows. Adapt the system for high performance or low cost and control your total cost of ownership.

Easy-to-Use Software

Open-E’s software simplifies data storage management and makes the FC as well as FCoE configurations as easy as iSCSI or NFS. Dedicated wizards help in the configuration of the system and the WebGUI is designed to be used with as few clicks as possible.

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Open-E JovianDSS Data Sheet Brochure

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