Open-E Certified Sales Professional Training

Boost Your Data Storage Knowledge to Fuel Your Success

Best sales results begin with the best sales skills, which is why at Open-E we dedicate our time and efforts to upskill Sales Specialists of tomorrow by offering them the Open-E Certified Sales Professional On-line Training.

The Open-E Certified Sales Professional (OECSP) training is designed to provide a robust and comprehensive foundation for a successful sales career in the data storage market. Being capable of guiding your potential customers through products’ technicalities and ultimately to the purchase decision requires widespread knowledge, experience in focusing on customer’s needs, and a little bit of enthusiasm. Open-E Certified Sales Professional training gives you both theory and practical knowledge, which will soon result in more leads and profits for your company. 

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What you get in return?

Widespread technical knowledge to upskill your portfolio

Ability to convert your leads into becoming long-term customers

In-depth analysis of enterprise-class features in Open-E JovianDSS software

Ability to solve your customers’ first-level issues

Knowledge on how to leverage the data and technologies to drive productivity

Development of your full potential to discover new opportunities of sales

Tips and tricks on guiding your customers directly to the purchase decision

Practical knowledge on data storage market due to many diversified tasks and exercises throughout the course

For who?

Selling is one of the most impactful professions, which is why knowing your product and learning how to sell it is an extremely useful skill. Knowing how to sell is obviously the most important for the sales team, but the factor that makes the Open-E training unique and useful for others is that it's not product-oriented. The OECSP training gives a wide overview of the data storage market and business, together with technical tips and best practices. Therefore, the training may as well serve your marketing team, IT specialists, or even management team members. 

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Open‑E Certified Sales Professional Benefits


Up-to-date Knowledge

Selling according to current
methodologies and trends



Free of Charge

No tuition or fees



E-learning Platform

No need to  plan extra trips -
the course is completely online



All in One Place

Everything is conveniently organized in your Partner Portal -
no need to use extra applications to finish the course



You don’t have to finish the training on the first attempt as your progress is saved, and you can easily revert back to any point of the course


OECSP Certificate

You can include the certificate in your resume
as a proof of your achievements


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OECSP Basic Requirements

To be eligible to apply for the training a candidate must be employed by companies registered as Open-E Partner, either an Authorized, Silver, Gold or Platinum.

Of course, experience in sales as well as basic knowledge of storage technology and Open-E software will be treated as valuable assets, but are not required for being accepted as a participant.

Become an Open-E Certified Sales Professional


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