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Dear Open-E DSS V6 User,
dear Open-E DSS V6 Tester,

Open-E DSS V6 now with
NAS (NFS) Failover

The eagerly anticipated Feature Pack - NAS (NFS) Failover for Open-E DSS V6 is finally here! With Automatic NAS Failover Open-E DSS V6 now offers NAS users a notable improvement in functionality, making it the highest performing and most cost-effective storage operating system on the market.

Full version users of Open-E DSS V6 can extend the functionality of their product with the Feature Pack - NAS (NFS) Failover from Open-E.

Open-E DSS V6 with NAS (NFS) Failover

Key Facts about NAS (NFS) Failover

  • High availability of data during unplanned outages ensures highest levels of storage resiliency
  • Full Synchronous mirroring provides consistent data protection
  • Smooth progress in case of an original node failure because redundant nodes continue serving clients, effectively replacing the missing node(s)
  • Completely automatic Failover does not require tech team deployment or administrator’s approval
  • Cost efficiency and reduction of total costs of ownership by minimizing the risk of data loss

Learn more about NAS (NFS) Failover for Open-E DSS V6:

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