Final Release Information - Partners - up90 b5845 - EN

Dear Open-E Partner,

New Version Update of
Open-E DSS V6 up90 b5845

We are happy  to inform you that the new version update of Open-E DSS V6 up90 b5845 is ready to be downloaded from our website:

What's new?

Support for oplocks in SMB protocol is possible with this version update. Oplock (opportunistic locks) is a client caching mechanism which allows you to minimize network traffic and improve the performance for both reads and writes. Customers using NAS applications will thus experience a much better performance.

What's fixed?

With every new software release we also post fixes for issues reported by our technical support. The issues are not critical for general functionality but obviously will reduce the number of tickets and give customers a much better impression of using our product.

This time we have posted the following fixes:
  • Irqbalance doesn't share IRQ between all cores: This fix will improve the overall performance.

  • ACL settings while authorization set to PDC are lost during reboot (erasing tdb database): This is a fix for a very seldom function combination (PDC and ACL) but still we have support tickets.

  • Can't add SSL certificate used in FTPS because it has expired: This is just an update.

  • Write access for NFS doesn't work if access for read only mode is also configured: Important issue for customers using NFS.

  • White screen on GUI if PK contains dashes: This was an issue for customers who did not enter the product key via Web GUI but directly edited the "prod.key" file on the boot media.

You need more information?

Feel free to contact us anytime if you have questions about the above mentioned features. And you can always visit the Open-E Website and the Open-E Blog if you want to get to know Open-E DSS V6 even better.

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Best regards,
Vera Neumeyer
Open-E Team
Open-E GmbH
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