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On the Open-E website and our Blog we want to keep you updated about Solutions with Open-E DSS V6 and many other storage-related topics. We have updated our Solutions Section and our Blog with new articles - enjoy!

Open-E Solution:
Asynchronous Volume Replication of VMware Virtual Machines

Do you want to know how you effectively prevent a decrease in performance when saving files to storage in organizations which have several regional branches located all around the world? So what can you do when you need Asynchronous Volume Replication and you know that it’s not available on our software? We have prepared a complete, detailed article about a solution that will ensure you uninterrupted and fast asynchronous volume replication of a database to a remote location. Read more...

Open-E Blog:
How to recycle Data

Do you have anything you would like to permanently remove from your old HDD? Do you want to sell it or just bin it? If yes, this is the article for you: "How to recycle data". You will learn about data security policy, software designed for secure data deletion and about different ways to prevent data leakage in case of hardware disposal. Read more...

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