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Dear Open-E Customer,

New Version Update
Open-E DSS V6 up95 b6156

We are pleased  to inform you that the new version update of Open-E DSS V6 up95 b6156 is ready to be downloaded from our website (please use the Trial version for the update):

What's new?

We provide you with new and enhanced features in every new release of our software. With this version update you will be able to use the following:
  • Volume Replication tasks can be added or removed to the iSCSI Failover without the need to stop the failover cluster. 

  • Open-E DSS V6 can now be used as a Virtual Storage Appliance (VSA) for VMware (using native VMware network driver) which saves a lot of hardware in case of a HA cluster setup.

  • Mutual CHAP user authentication for iSCSI Targets is available with this update. Target and  initiator verify each other with this security level.

  • The drivers for VMware and Hyper-V 10 Gigabit Ethernet controller have been included which significantly increases performance in virtual environments.

What's fixed?

With every new software release we also post fixes for issues reported by our technical support. The issues are not critical for general functionality but will obviously reduce tickets and questions that arise while using Open-E DSS V6. 

This time we have posted the following fixes:
  • The Trial registration mechanism will run smoothly and cause no more errors.

  • Using the same network port for different Volume Replication tasks is not causing function instability anymore.

  • The LSI battery status is now available in the WebGUI.

  • Nested shares can now be created in WebGUI to set up different levels of security.

You need more information?

Feel free to contact us anytime if you have questions about the above mentioned features. And you can always visit the Open-E Website and the Open-E Blog if you want to get to know Open-E DSS V6 even better.
Best regards,
Vera Neumeyer
Open-E Team
Open-E, Inc.
T: +1 (678) 666 2885