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Blog Update
and Certified Hardware

Welcome to the latest news update from Open-E! Today we would like to introduce you to a new blog article about an unusual customer request and a new storage system certified by Open-E. Enjoy!  

Open-E Blog
Unusual Request

Unusual requests from customers are one of our specialties. In his latest blog article, Janusz Bak tells us about a customer product training in Sweden. The task was to replace a full volume with a new one in a system with two RAID arrays configured as NAS volumes. Next, the full volume had to be shipped out to a different location  in order to be attached to another system. Sounds difficult? See how the issue was solved on our blog. Read more...

Open-E Certified Hardware
Rackserver S33160

Good news! New certified hardware is available on our website - Rackserver's S33160 storage system is running stable and performs well with Open-E DSS V6. Our technical specialists recommend it for HA storage cluster, iSCSI storage and storage for CCTV. All information about the storage system, test topologies and results is available in the Certification Report on our website. Read more...

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