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New Videos, Upgrade Guide,
and Blog Update

Open-E has very exciting news for you! Today we would like to make your life easier and introduce you to the latest Webinar videos, the Upgrade Guide and a new blog article. Enjoy!

Especially for You:
3 new Videos for Open-E DSS V7

We know that configuring new software may be hard and very often time consuming. This is why our technical specialists have created three step-by-step video guides designed to make the configuring process simple.

Watch, share and make use of these great tips!
  • HA Solution with VMware and Open-E DSS V7 as Virtual Storage Appliance
    See an HA Cluster with 2 physical servers, instead of 4 and how Open-E DSS V7
    can run as virtual machines vs. DSS V7 on physical servers. Also, you will view a demo on the installation and configuration of Open-E DSS V7 as Virtual Machine, Para-virtual iSCSI and VMXNET drivers and iSCSI Failover with DSS V7 running as virtual machines on two hosts with VMware ESXi 5.0 configured as HA Cluster.
Ready to upgrade?
Upgrading from Open-E DSS V6 to DSS V7

Do you have Open-E DSS V6 and want to upgrade to the latest version or you plan to do so in the future? Then the Upgrade Guide will come in handy for you. This manual will guide you through the upgrading process and show you how to properly execute the upgrade in order to preserve user data. You may download download the Ugrade Guide here.

Blog article
Active-Active Automatic Failover for iSCSI and Open-E DSS V7

If you are like most of our partners, you probably have been eagerly awaiting the new Open-E DSS V7 to come out.

Well, not only is it out but it's also Active-Active Ready.

You might be asking yourself, how does Active-Active benefit you and what does it really mean? Thankfully, your questions have been answered and you can find out more on this topic from our blog article.

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