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50% OFF Active-Active iSCSI Failover 

Don't miss out on a great deal! Remember, until September 30th, 2012 Open-E offers the Feature Pack Active-Active iSCSI Automatic Failover (two licenses) at a 50% discount!

Double your system Performance
with Open-E DSS V7 and Active-Active iSCSI Failover

Configured in Active-Active mode, overall performance of your HA cluster is doubled since the read, write and replication traffic can be simultaneously balanced over two nodes. 

Why Active-Active iSCSI Failover?
  • Doubles your Overall Performance
  • Increases read and write performance by 100% when compared to Active-Passive
  • Single Point of Failure is Eliminated
  • Includes Self-Validation of the system - clusters cannot be started when configured incorrectly
  • Speeds Up Networking Connectivity
  • Enhances Cluster Security 
  • Cuts Active-Active switching time in half compared to Active-Passive
  • Fully utilizes all processing power on both cluster nodes
50% Discount

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