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OECE Trainings 2012
New series started!

We're back with new trainings! As you may know, we offer our partners the opportunity to become an Open-E Certified Engineer (OECE). During two-day training sessions, engineers have the chance to obtain skills necessary to implement Open-E products in IT-environments. 

Trainings spread across
Europe and the US in 2012

This year's trainings take place in Germany, Netherlands, UK and US. In the course, engineers gain hands-on skills and knowledge about our product. Strongly covered will be Open-E DSS V7, as well as the iSCSI Active-Active Automatic Failover functionality.

During the first day, our experienced technical trainers will provide detailed presentations and lots of practical examples with lab work.

On the second day, participants will have time for Q&A and will be tested with a theoretical and practical exam to show their newly acquired knowledge and skills.

After successfully passing the exam, every Open-E Certified Engineer will receive the OECE official Certificate and according material to promote the newly obtained title.
OECE Training

Get to know our Software
even better than before

Certification as an OECE verifies that an engineer has demonstrated the ability to work smoothly with Open-E's Storage Software, especially Snapshots, Backups, Replications and Failovers. After the training session, an OECE will have comprehensive knowledge and practical experience with our software and can implement Open-E DSS V7 into any storage environment with ease.

There are still some spots left! Check out the locations and dates of the events now.

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