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Today we have our latest Open-E Certified Storage Server and three new webcasts for you. Enjoy!

Open-E Certified Storage Server
N-TEC rapidServe 316-G5

Our QA department is on fire! N-TEC rapidServe 316-G5 is the latest Open-E Certified Storage Server.

The N-TEC system, together with Open-E DSS V7, performs exceptionally well and is very stable. Our storage engineers recommend this system to be used as:
  • iSCI Storage
  • NAS Filer
  • Storage for CCTV

Additional information, along with test topologies, is available in the Certification Report.

Open-E Webcasts
New Video Guides for Open-E DSS V7

Our webcast and videos section is growing weekly. Use our helpful video guides and get tips for Open-E DSS V7 from our technical specialists. 

Here are the latest webcasts to watch:

For even more webcast videos, click here. And don't forget: All webinars can be attended FREE after registering on our website.

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