Open-E Active-Active Failover achieves 600% Performance Improvement

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Dear Open-E Customer,

Open-E Active-Active Failover
achieves up to 600% performance improvement

This week we would like to familiarize you with our latest test results from the Open-E Lab, comparing iSCSI Active-Active Failover with Active-Passive. 

Get more performance
out of your hardware

The 600% performance improvement for the Active-Active load balanced cluster topology is due to a refinement in the algorithm of Open-E DSS V7. This results in a significant decrease in system latency and 100% utilization of your system’s storage resources.

Balancing the workload not only prevents storage overload so the quality of services does not deteriorate, but also allows the system to achieve maximum performance. 
Active-Active vs. Active-Passive

As a result the cluster is able to process a high number of read and write operations even faster. Read more about this topic in our current press release.

Why wait?
Increase your performance today!

Get the affordable iSCSI Active-Active Failover Feature Pack, set it up with our easy step-by-step video or manual, and experience 100% utilization of your storage resources.

Open-E DSS V7 Active-Active Failover Cluster Benefits:
  • Doubles overall performance in most storage cluster configurations - in some setups it can be increased by 600%!
  • Eliminates any Single Point of Failure by configuring Active-Active clusters without shared disks
  • Offers simplified iSCSI failover configuration over the GUI
  • Speeds up networking connectivity since I/O traffic is equally balanced on two nodes
  • Offers increased sensitivity to network failures by providing the ability to configure Ping Nodes
  • Provides Self-Validation of the system and checks all critical settings on each node - thus clusters cannot be started if they are not configured correctly

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