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Open-E High Availability
Certified Storage Servers

In this week's newsletter, we would like to inform you about a new type of certification for storage servers tested in high availability environments. The first storage system is already certified - enjoy!

New server certification procedure
for high availability storage

Our new certification ensures that each system in an active-active cluster setup provides highest overall performance and reliability with Open-E DSS V7, even under heavy-load usage.

Why should customers choose Open-E High Availability Certified Storage Servers?
  • Outstanding performance in active-active cluster  
  • Uninterrupted availability in hardware failure scenario  
  • Optimal performance and stability during all test scenarios  
  • Fully supported hardware  
  • Seamless Open-E DSS V7 installation

HA Certified

Certified for High Availability
Broadberry CyberStore 424S 

The newly certified system Broadberry CyberStore 424S is suitable for all different storage applications and provides exceptional performance as part of a failover cluster with Open-E DSS V7.

All details are available in the certification report, including:

  • Hardware components
  • Performance test topology
  • Data throughput performance test
  • Resource group switching time test
  • High availability solution functionality test

Broadberry CyberStore 424S


If you have any questions regarding this newsletter or the HA certification process, please contact us anytime. 

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