New Open-E How-to Guide and Webcasts

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New Open-E How-to Guide
and Webcasts

This week we would like to present our new how-to guide and two new webcasts which are available on our website. Enjoy!

How-to Guide
Active-Active Load Balanced iSCSI HA Cluster (without bonding)  

Our latest how-to guide shows you how to set up an Active-Active Load Balanced iSCSI HA Cluster without bonding.

Learn all about the hardware setup, the configuration of the nodes and how to create targets. After configuring the cluster and testing the failover your system is up and running.

Download the step-by-step instructions here.

How-to Guide

Understanding log files

Logs help you to monitor your storage system activities. In this webcast you will learn how to analyze them to make troubleshooting easy.

  • Downloading logs in Open-E DSS V7 and different types of log files
  • Which log files are important and how to analyze them?
  • Sample troubleshooting techniques 
  • Enabling remote console access in Open-E DSS V7
  • Access and configuration of tuning options for iSCSI Targets
  • Identification of bad NICs in your system
  • Information from user activity logs

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Active-Active HA Cluster setup with MPIO

Take a closer look at MPIO-only configuration of an active-active HA cluster - especially if you don't need (want) to use bonding.

  • Options for Active-Active HA cluster 
  • Network adapters configuration
  • Running Iometer – best practices
  • Load balancing in Active-Active setup
  • Configuring host binding and volume replication tasks
  • Removing logical volumes from resource pool 
  • Creating iSCSI Targets on both nodes
  • Configuring auxiliary paths, ping nodes and resource pools
  • Configuring iSCSI targets and MPIO within MS iSCSI Initiator

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If you haven't tried Open-E DSS V7 yet, download the free 60-day trial version from our website now. For questions in regards to this newsletter or our products, please contact us anytime. 

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