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Today, we want to introduce our newest Gold Partner, ICO from Germany, and show you the great benefits of NAS storage.

Welcome our new Gold Partner:
ICO Innovative Computer GmbH

System integrator ICO from Germany, is now distinguished with the Open-E Gold Partnership, the highest level of membership in the Open-E Partner Program.

ICO is dedicated to move forward with Open-E and to continue building a great partnership. So far, ICO has:

    2 Open-E Certified Storage Servers
    5 Open-E Certified Engineers

For more information about ICO, its certified systems and engineers, go to ICO's Gold Partner profile page.

ICO Gold

NAS for small businesses
An effective storage solution

Find out everything about the advantages of applying Network Attached Storage (NAS) in the new solution article on the Open-E website. 

If you are looking for a simple and affordable, yet effective storage solution - search no more.

Even in small business, data are critical resources and the role they play presents special challenges. The fundamental requirements for modern business include... continue reading


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