Product Update New version of Open-E DSS V7

Dear Open-E Partner,

Product Update!
New version of Open-E DSS V7

We are happy to inform you that the new version Open-E DSS V7 up11 build8826 is ready to be downloaded from our website.


What's new?

Our R&D and QA teams worked on providing the perfect HA storage cluster for virtualization, optimizing Hyper-V Cluster, VMware and Xen. The goal was achieved via code refactoring and optimization of the iSCSI Target, especially of the Persistent Reservation support required by MS Hyper-V clusters.

  • Improved support for Microsoft Hyper-V Cluster (Persistent Reservation Synchronization)
  • Support for Series 7 Adaptec RAID Controller with new RAID management technology MaxView
  • Support for Intel Gigabit Ethernet i210/i211 controllers
  • Support for Areca ARC-12x4 adapters
  • Japanese language on WebGUI
  • Extended log mechanism

What's updated?

Updated were all important supported Network Interface Controllers by Intel and Emulex, as well as RAID Controllers, such as LSI MegaRAID and LSI NYTRO MegaRAID.

Additionally, expect much better stability and failure resistance of the iSCSI Target and iSCSI Failover Cluster.

Need more information?

For release notes and more info about the new version Open-E DSS V7 up11 build8826 visit:

If you have more questions, please contact us anytime.
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Open-E Team
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