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Dear Open-E Customer,

Buy Intel Storage
Get free 3 years Basic Support

Today, we would like to remind you of Intel's promotion in co-operation with Open-E:

Purchase a storage system from this offer with Intel and receive 3 years Open-E Basic Support for free!

Intel Storage powered by Open-E - the solution for System Builders, Solution Providers, Data Centers and everyone who prefers to build their own storage system.
Basic Support

Easy as that:
Purchase with Intel now

The Open-E certified storage systems Swiftcurrent Pass, Iron Pass and Grizzly Pass are now available in this promotional offer. Find all features new brochure:

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Choose storage-optimized Intel Focus SKU with Open-E DSS V7 
  2. Order with Intel

With your order you will automatically receive free 3 years Open-E Basic Support. This is an additional promotion to the existing 10% discount on the Intel focussed SKU server hardware (Grizzly Pass excluded).

Open-E + Intel

If you have any questions regarding the Intel promotion, please contact us anytime. 

Best regards,
Vera Neumeyer
Open-E Team
 US: +1 (678) 666 2880
DE: +49 (89) 800777 0