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What's new this week? 
Certified hardware plus blog article

This week, we certified another storage server from our Technology Partner Intel and want to share with you our latest blog article. Read on!

Intel Swiftcurrent Pass
Qualifies for the "Intel powered by Open-E" promotion 

Order the newly Open-E certified Swiftcurrent Pass R2312SC2SHGR with Intel and receive 3 years Open-E Basic support for free. Additionally, obtain 10% discount on the hardware from Intel.

Contact us for further details or see the promotional newsletter

Some features of the storage server:
  • Straightforward system, used for sequential read and write
  • Optional hardware RAID
  • Recommended for tier-2 and tier-3 storage
  • Use as a NAS filer, iSCSI or CCTV storage
Find test results and technical specifications  in our Certification Report
        Intel Swiftcurrent Pass 

New blog post!
Diary of an admin: backup and data replication

In the latest blog article, you can read how Data Replication looks from the point of view of a storage administrator.

Among many technologies that increase data storage protection, the term ‘replication’ is used very frequently. Replication, as a way of creating an exact data copy between the source storage location and the target location, is often erroneously put into one bag with backup. Despite the fact that... Read more

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