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New product now available:
ZFS on Linux with Open-E JupiterDSS

We are happy to announce the launch of Open-E JupiterDSS, the brand-new data storage software designed especially for enterprise-sized storage environments. All information on the product right here in this newsletter and on the Open-E website.

Software Defined Enterprise Storage:
Easy and reliable

With its unique features, Open-E JupiterDSS ensures highest data reliability and integrity. The software includes high-quality and easy-to-use storage features such as:

  • Tiered RAM and SSD caching
  • Thin and over provisioning
  • Inline data de-duplication
  • Data compression
  • and many more
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The benefits of using Open-E JupiterDSS are plain and simple:

  • Ensure highest quality for your business needs
  • Manage your storage easily with an intuitive GUI, TUI and API
  • Be hardware independent and use the equipment of your choice
  • Get exceptional performance due to ZFS file system
  • Licensing of used capacity only
        Open-E JupiterDSS

Available exclusively via
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You want to know more about Open-E JupiterDSS?

The software, as well as all related licenses and support products, are only available through Open-E’s most experienced partners. This ensures customer support on every step of the process: from the initial installation to daily business.

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