Intel powered by Open-E custom storage solutions

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New case study:
Intel powered by Open-E custom storage

In today’s newsletter we would like to invite you to read our newest case study. The document presents a successful three-way collaboration, where D&D Distribution, Intel and Open-E work together to deliver best performance and availability by ensuring all technologies work seamlessly together.

Building with the right blocks:
IT resources tailored to any given environment

Our partner D&D Distribution is an IT solution provider from Belgium. They specialize in building solutions from the ground up, using the right components to exactly meet customer’s needs in terms of size, budget, and scope.

The lack of budget and expertise in an organization makes it difficult for organizations to tailor their IT resources. That's why D&D built a small modular server platform designed to scale and adapt, based on Intel technologies and Open-E storage software.

With Open-E software, D&D Distribution is able to deliver robust and long-lasting solutions that are easily scalable in terms of capacity, memory or connectivity.

Read more about the server platform and see examples of successful deployment.

Read the case study >>

        Case Study

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